Prevention and treatment of white spots on the face

white spots
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The white spots on the face have different causes, know how to differentiate them. And how to eliminate them and which ones, or not, can be eliminated naturally.

Prevention and treatment of white spots on the face

white spots

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What are the white spots on the face?

If you have white spots on your face do not worry, in general it is not a serious problem. But it never hurts to consult a professional.

Despite how unsightly they are, they tend not to have a greater consequence or a difficult solution. If, in addition, you want to opt for a home remedy. And natural remedies here you will find what you need.

First we must recognize the type of white spot that is to know what will be the appropriate treatment.

We will know the different types of white spots on the face. Why they appear and some tips that can be very useful to prevent their appearance.

Types of white spots on the face

The main causes of white spots on the face are due to inadequate sun exposure. Age or hormonal changes. Let’s distinguish the most common to know how to recognize them and what the causes that cause their appearance are:

Pityriasis alba

  • Appearance: We can recognize them physically by being white spots rounded, scaly and slightly dry.
  • Causes: The exact cause is unknown. But it is believed that it is due to dehydration, inadequate exposure to the sun and chlorine from swimming pools.

Acromic Nevus

  • Appearance: White polka dots whose main characteristic is that they are from birth and have not changed over time.
  • Causes: Congenital defect of lack of melanin, which is the natural pigment of the skin.


  • Appearance: It is recognized because they are white spots that appear both on the face and on the hands. They have the same touch as the rest of the skin and are not scaly.
  • Causes: The causes are not known either although it usually occurs in families with an autoimmune problem. It is also attributed to a malfunction of the thyroid gland. And there are cases of the appearance of these white spots after physical trauma to the skin.

Prevention and solution of white spots on the face

Of these three types of white spots on the face, only one has probable forms of prevention. And solution, pityriasis Alba. Since the other two have a large congenital base.

To prevent pityriasis alba, which usually appears especially in summer. Because it is the time of greatest exposure to its probable causes. It is necessary to keep the skin well hydrated with the appropriate face cream to the skin type of our face.

Also highly recommended is the oil of rosehip, applying it at night. Before sleeping, until the spots disappear. This oil is rich in vitamins A and E, antioxidants and Omega 3, 6 and 9.

Treatments for white spots on the face

Eliminating them is simpler than you imagine, although it is not possible in all cases.

  • Pityriasis alba: The remedy for this blemish is based on hydration, as we have already mentioned, especially with creams that have a fat composition, such as those containing urea or lactic acid. On the other hand it also helps to splash a little mineral water on your face to remove excess chlorine from the pool and use the appropriate sun protection.
  • Acromic Nevus: In this case there is no remedy, it only remains to disguise them with a little makeup base with an appropriate tone, advised by a professional.
  • Vitiligo: In this case it is difficult to resort to a natural treatment. Beware of anyone who proposes a miraculous natural treatment to remove these white spots. Go to a doctor who specializes in the problem because each person may need a different treatment, from surgery, medication, steroid creams to radiation repigmentation. But while, there is always the option to hide the stains with makeup.

Face care

All, and all, we want to look good, we want our giving a good image and our face is a great letter of introduction.

Although the physicist is not too important to us, it must be to lend to our face the necessary caregivers since in doing so we are taking care of our health and our self-esteem, because seeing ourselves well we will also feel better.

On our face we have the eyes, the lips, the nose, the skin … therefore the care of the face also extends to everything we have named, and it does not refer only to the care of the skin to avoid the appearance of possible wrinkles.

Care of the different parts of the face

The attention and care of the face is not synonymous of being superficial people or that they give an excessive importance to the physical appearance. To take care of ourselves is to love ourselves, it is to want to reach greater ones in a good physical and mental state, and therefore we should not stop doing it.

Taking care of the eyes and eyelids

If our eyelashes do not have the look we would like, we can use homemade eyelashes and find out what foods we should take to improve their appearance.

To eliminate or disguise the unsightly dark circles we can use chamomile, slices of potatoes or cucumber.

For puffy eyelids we can also use potatoes and cucumber and a good night’s sleep will do them a lot of good.

Lip care

  • If we have dry lips we can use honey and petroleum jelly, we can also apply on them avocado pulp.
  • Bear in mind that facial creams are recommended for lips, for them we have to use special creams.
  • Facial exercises to delay the appearance of wrinkles and so that our skin retains its elasticity.
  • A correct hydration is essential for the skin to remain in good condition.
  • Daily cleaning is very necessary, for this we can buy the creams that exist in the market or prepare them at home, it is not at all difficult and they are very effective and much cheaper.

Use sunscreen not only in summer is very necessary for the care of the face, also very important a healthy and balanced diet.

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