What Is Mommy’s Wrist And How Do You Treat It?

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If you’re a young mother, you may be at risk for mommy’s wrist, also known as mother’s thumb. This is a type of tendonitis that occurs when undue stress is placed on the wrist and thumb region. For moms who are just starting out, it can be easy to get into the habit of picking up a baby without protecting yourself or practicing the right ergonomic posture. If you’re feeling the strain of a painful, swollen joint that’s always popping and keeps making it hard for you to lift and hold your child, you may be a victim of this issue. But don’t worry: You have options. If you think you have mother’s thumb, don’t just Google “hand surgeon near me” before learning about all your options.

What Causes It?

While the cause of this type of tendonitis is a mystery to many doctors, it’s generally believed that mothers and fathers who spend a lot of time picking up and holding their newborns could end up straining their thumb and wrist region, putting undue stress on the tendons that hold that area together. If your baby is growing quickly and gaining weight, you may experience this issue sooner rather than later. If you’ve ever had a wrist fracture before, or if you have a family history of arthritis or tendonitis, you could be at a higher risk for this issue. The important thing to do after being diagnosed is to make sure you put as little stress on the area as possible. While having a young child can make this difficult, it’s one of the most essential components to healing properly and protecting your tendons.

How Can It Be Treated?

The good news is that most people, including mothers, are able to see the symptoms fade away with time. As your child grows, you’ll have less occasion to put stress on your wrist by picking them up. While this still will take a few years, staying aware of the problem as soon as it’s on your radar can be a huge help in keeping the problem from escalating. However, in more serious circumstances, surgery may be a helpful option. If you’ve been dealing with mommy’s thumb for a long time and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better, it’s a good idea to explore all your options with your family practitioner.

What’s the Best Pain Relief Method?

Preventative care goes a long way when it comes to this problem, and while that can be difficult for moms dealing with young kids, it’s always a good idea to get as much help as you possibly can in situations where picking up and carrying a growing infant is called for. Using a hands-free carrier or a stroller is a good option. If the condition continues to cause you pain, it may be helpful to get a cortisone shot or a series of shots taken over time. This can help calm down the inflammation and pain caused by tendonitis while offering a lower-cost, non-invasive alternative to surgery.

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