The unsuspected virtues of activated coal

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activated coal
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From beauty to health, this natural remedy boasts a thousand and one properties that deserve to be discovered

If you thought that the activated coal was only to give to the most mischievous on the occasion, you were wrong. Yes, it’s time to start seeing each other clearly. In fact, activated coal is not a punishment at all. On the contrary, it is a panacea that you should always have to follow to stay healthy but also to improve your beauty.

Leaving aside the medical use, let’s see then all the properties of the activated coal. Also known as activated charcoal, a powder deriving from the burning of flames of poplar, willow or other varieties without flames, which, once treated, is ready to end up in our hands, revealing a natural remedy to which to appeal for problems of various nature.

activated coal

Helps digestion

Have you sunk your fork too much and start to warn annoying swollen stomach? The activated coal helps as it absorbs the excess of gas in the intestinal tract, reduces tension and pains, facilitating the normal functions of the intestine.

Purifies the organism

Activated carbon, taken in tablets, tablets or capsules, is widely used in detox programs in order to cleanse the body and to purify it.

Beauty for the skin

For a fishing skin to try the masks based on activated coal. One of the most effective allies to eliminate toxins and not only from the body, but also from the face, thus going to purify the skin.

Bleaching miracle

It might seem strange to see it so dark but, in reality, activated coal is an excellent whitener. It is in fact used as a remedy to obtain a white and luminous smile in a natural way but, at the same time, allows to eliminate the bacteria responsible for bad breath and caries.

Nice and good…

We already knew the activated coal, it is also good to eat. In addition to seeing it in the stocking putting a strain on your teeth, you can also taste it in the form of ice cream. On Instagram there are many users who have posted photos of this taste from the curious black color.

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