The properties and benefits of activated charcoal for our body

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benefits of activated charcoal
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Yes, you read that correctly. People drink charcoal. But do not worry, it’s not the same kind of coal you use for fire and grilling. The active variety is processed so as to become ultra-absorbent and safe to consume and digest. Activated Charcoal, contains tons of small pores similar to sponges that suck up all the toxins they encounter as soon as they arrive in the digestive tract. It is so absorbent that it is commonly given to those hospitalized due to exposure to toxins or a drug overdose in order to purify their body. Let’s see what are the properties and benefits of activated charcoal for our body.

Properties and benefits of Activated Charcoal for our body

The properties and benefits of activated charcoal for our body and they are manifold.

As we said earlier, activated charcoal can suck up toxins from drugs and toxic chemicals. But what else can he do?

Activated charcoal has many health benefits. Attention however ‘because it can also be quite dangerous if consumed incorrectly. Now let’s try to discover all the properties of this incredible food.

benefits of activated charcoal

The activated charcoal can help cure hangover

If the consequences of a night spent drinking usually leave you with a feeling of spiritual death, coal can make it out of your grief hole. Because of its strong purifying properties, activated charcoal can help remove toxins from the liver and bloodstream after a night spent drinking. Keep in mind, however, that coal will not absorb the alcohol left in the system, so it will not be useful if you are still feeling a little tipsy the next morning.

Activated charcoal can give you a flat stomach

If you’ve ever had trouble pulling up your pants that fit you the day before, we have good news: drinking activated charcoal could mean the end of the swollen belly! Coal helps to purify the intestine and colon, which can help a little to reduce the swelling. But, be careful, coal does not burn fat; it will not make you lose weight, but it can make your clothes feel a little better and cut the unpleasant sensation of fullness associated with the swelling.

Activated charcoal is a powerful antioxidant agent

Coal extracts toxins from the body and is a strong detoxifier. Vegetables, fruit, green tea and flax seeds, on the other hand, are natural detoxifying agents but are much more delicate on the system. The detoxification process with these foods may be slower than coal, but it is also much safer.

Do you try the activated charcoal trend? Make sure you do it in safety

Someone who has never undergone a purification before should skip this type of detox. For the first detox experience try something without activated charcoal to start. You will get some of the detoxifying effects also consuming essential nutrients that support the digestive process of the body, the immune system, the organs and the cardiovascular system. In this way everyone wins.

Other people who should skip this trend include those who take prescription drugs or supplements. Coal cannot distinguish between toxins, medicines, vitamins and minerals. If there is anything prescribed by a doctor and who keeps you healthy and safe, do not drink coal under any circumstances.

If you typically drink more than one juice a day, one should only contain coal. Since activated charcoal can bind up to 100 times its weight, taking large amounts of it can cause a too aggressive detoxifying process, washing away vital nutrients that are stored in the body’s fat tissues,” he says.

In the days when you know you are consuming a charcoal-based juice, be sure to drink at least 2 liters of water. Using coal is a powerful detoxifying process. Your body needs lots of water to help flush those toxins away once they are bonded to coal. Probably spend the rest of the day doing back and forth from the bathroom, but this is an important step!

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