activated carbon

Charcoal, the ally for intestinal wellness

Stop belly swelling and poor digestion with charcoal: a natural remedy in powder or tablets, convenient to carry in your bag and to keep at home. Activated charcoal or “activated carbon” is useful in case of intestinal wellness but also of intoxication, colitis, halitosis, stomach acid, diarrhea, gastritis and mitigates the negative effects of alcohol.

The strength of activated carbon

Activated charcoal and bentonite are two powerful partners when an excellent neutralization of odors is required for the litter box. Unpleasant odors generated by urine and cat faeces are released in the hygienic box. It is a mixture of the most disparate chemical compounds such as thiols, methane gas, mercaptans or ammonia, generated from the Continue Reading

Active carbon, an ancient wonder

From whitening teeth, skin, even for detoxification, active carbon is used since 1500 BC to treat various problems. Activated charcoal is part of those ancestral knowledge that has been used throughout life by those who were our grandmothers, the grandmothers of those grandmothers and even much further back.

Do you know activated charcoal?

Discover activated charcoal properties, benefits, uses and also contraindications. The activated charcoal is one of the best known natural remedies and simple to use when we are dealing with stomach problems and intestine. Thanks to its high absorbing power it proves useful in case of meteorism, digestive difficulties, intoxication and poisoning.