Paris Fashion Week 2019: Street style ideas

Street style
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London, New York, Milan … And now Paris; Get to know first-hand the best of Paris Fashion Week in street style. Ideas that will serve as inspiration.

Discover with us the best of the street style of Milan Fashion Week. Where the colorful outfits have been the undisputed protagonists.

We share with you the best of London Fashion Week 2019. The street style fashion in its purest form.

Paris Fashion Week street style 2019

street style idea

It has been in this occasion in Paris that the great fashion designers have come together to show us their collections of spring summer, fall winter of 2019-2020 and as usual. They, publishers, influences and other lovers of trends are They walk through the streets of the French capital displaying their best outfits.

The color palette we have seen at the Paris Fashion Week is wide. From neutral shades where beige is the protagonist, to ultraviolet color through an extensive range of blues, greens and copper.

The supplements have also had a lot to say. We have seen mini bags in round. Or rectangular format that accompany maxi garments superimposed on each other; white ankle boots and sports shoes with a pinch of color for shoes. And minimalist jewelry with a lot of style that are chosen wanting to go unnoticed.

The best of street style at the Paris Fashion Week

There are many looks that we analyze to discover what will be the trends for the coming season. And there are many garments and accessories that have caught our attention, such as styling that combines red with black. Or those shoes in tip with glitters on the instep. Or that scarf that is mixed with a beret of Parisian inspiration. In the photo gallery you have our selection of the best ideas taken from the street style at the Fashion Week in Paris. However here we leave you a small preview.

Sock boots, the color black and golden accessories; a combination that aims to catch all eyes. The skirt have a perfect cut and the sweater is simple and elegant in equal parts.

The requires and reivindicativas garments are allied with the naif style. A handbag in bright pink? Or maybe a mini heart-shaped one? The fact is that this image is a clear example of very different styles that complement each other in a balanced and perfect tandem.

Milan Fashion Week 2019

The Fashion Week in Milan came to an end and how could it be otherwise. We set out to capture the best images of the best outfits that have been seen in the streets of Milan these days.

Milan Fashion Week brings together the fashion greats, Fendy, Tommy Hilfiger, Gucci … And models, many models of the likes of Gigi Hadid and her sister Bella among many others. And that is Milan is the meeting place for lovers of fashion: designers, tops models, editors, stylists, fashion bloggers.

We must not forget then that in the street you can also see fashion in its purest form. Suits, handbags, details, brightness and a lot of style. If there is someone who understands fashion, those are them.

Milan Fashion Week street style 2019

Are we talking about the best street style trends at this year’s Milan Fashion Week? We have to talk about the Scottish wink, the vinyl. And the denim fabric, which we have seen everywhere combined in a thousand and one ways.

We highlight a style with a long trench coat and floral print, high-rise trousers with vertical stripes in black and white, fine pointed-heeled shoes, fishnet stockings that shyly appear, a handbag with glitter and a golden headband as a touch chic, a look that you cannot miss.

And what about this other? One in which the pure white color is combined with the broken and in which the boots make a nod to the aesthetics of the 80s, the details embroidered on the jacket are mixed with those of the rectangular mini bag.

Milan Fashion Week is a great example for fashion lovers like us; the fabrics, the colors and the textures are mixed making combinations that apparently are impossible, but that once you see them you fall in love with them; There are those who dare to combine the color green with a mini bag of glitters and there are those who bet on the pink suit, who gives more?

London Fashion Week 2019

London is fashionable once again. First of all, Londoners have a particular irreverence when it comes to wearing attire, happy to follow and to dispense with conventional style rules to achieve excellence in the trendiest outfits. Fishnet stockings, tight sunglasses and many others in maxi format, a mixture of silk and shine in the winter and an endless number of details that show that at the Fashion Week in London the trends of the whole world are decided for the rest of the year.

The fashion victims of the United Kingdom merge wearing high fashion street clothes, perhaps wearing a wide-sleeved shirt over a dress by Simone Rocha or Molly Goddard.

LFW brings together the divergent style tribes of London, hats, headdresses and a lot of style that arenot only seen on the catwalks.

The best of London Street Style Fashion Week

On the streets of London they have seen long suits of jacket up to the feet combined with metallic pants; dresses and striped skirts in neat and minimalist fabrics that give even more life to the colors of the trendiest season, from yellow to green through lilac and all its tonalities.

The mint green tones for the simplest coats, blouses with Theory pants and Rejina Pyo shoes with matching handbag. Are you ready to match your earrings with your warm clothes?

Full-color boots balance equally striking handbags. Do you dare with a coat by Faustine Steinmetz on a mesh vest and jeans? You may prefer Balenciaga’s dream bag, or the modern skirt with polka dot print, or the total black pouf jacket mixed with trench trousers and maxi sunglasses; Maybe you prefer the sheepskin jacket over a stepped mini dress. Do you want more ideas?

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