Rejuvenate Your Skin with Custom Chemical Peels

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Chemical peels are getting more popular as people look for a non-invasive way to turn back the years and enjoy beautiful glowing skin. Peels offer an alternative to Botox and fillers, and they are fast-acting and simple to perform by a trained technician. When looking for a chemical peel, it is important to think about where you wish to go for your treatment, which clinic to attend and what your expectations are. Whether you want to tackle ageing skin, acne or pigmentation issues, a peel is certainly a top choice for many.

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Reveal the Beauty Beneath

Chemical peels work in a simple way. The solution is put on your skin, and the chemicals gently peel away the top layer of skin cells. This reveals the fresh skin beneath. The chemical peel can be created specifically for your skin type to remove just the top layer or to achieve a greater penetration to address more serious skin problems. For problem skin, there are a whole host of non-invasive treatments available, as listed here on the NHS website.

A chemical peel is just one option for those looking for a skin treatment without surgery. An option would be to use Benefit makeup products. Other options are Botox, filler and microdermabrasion. These all give different results, so it is best to speak to a trained advisor who can make sure you find the most appropriate treatment for your skin issue.

From Serums to Dermarollers

When looking for chemical peels, don’t forget to research your other options. Sometimes dull skin might not need a full chemical peel or another more intense treatment. On occasion, an invigorating facial might be all that is needed to restore your youthful glow and remove those dead skin cells. This article in the Guardian discusses the other options available in London for people looking for facial rejuvenation. Glycolic peels (using an acid derived from sugar cane), powerful serums, dermarollers and oxygen infusions are all worth looking into in your quest for perfect skin.

Of course, chemical peels are not all harsh treatments. They can be gentle and still highly effective. It simply depends on your requirements whether you need a superficial or medium-depth peel or even an Obagi blue peel, which resurfaces the skin using light or deep exfoliation.

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