Rain wear: The must-haves you can not give up

Rain wear
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Rain wear-You cannot give up the must haves for the rain this season. The rain, either in autumn or spring, makes us wonder what to wear so as not to be constipated the next day. Well, very simple, with the ideas we propose, as well as protecting you from the rain you can set trends thanks to its fashion style this season. And the best part is that you will do it for affordable prices for any pocket. You will not regret.

Rain wear: What to wear on rainy days

best Rain wear

The gray days to which a blanket of water is added, provokes a sensation of chill that runs down our backs. And the only thing we want is to go back to bed so we do not have to go outside .

If you feel identified with this, you are in luck. Since we are going to propose you a few ideas so that suddenly you even want to sing in the rain. Thanks to the new clothes that the low cost stores have prepared for this season.

Raincoats and parkas

They are undoubtedly the star garment of the rainy days. You will also have the opportunity for everyone to stare at you with models like the animal print of Top shop. One of the must have of the season.

The graduation with moles of Pull & Bear, the floral print of Cath Kidston. Or the white with hood of Quechua, all of them irresistible.

On the other hand is the Neoprene fabric. It is undoubtedly the perfect piece to not get wet. This season comes in all its variations, with jackets such as Oysho’s breathable fuchsia. Or the Topshop model in black, in dresses like the mixed Pull & Bear, in skirts like the Top shop midi .

Boots and water boots

If what you are looking for is a shoe to avoid getting your feet wet with puddles, choose models like the Martens. The bright blue boots by Melissa , in Black & White tones by Top shop. Or the mixed neoprene and patent leather. Which are inside of the complete collection of Zara this season.

The umbrellas

Undoubtedly the star complement to not spoil the hairstyle is the umbrella. But if the ones you already have do not end up convincing you. Try the mousy model, the heart print of Suite blanch or the cat’s eye of Top shop.

Surely after seeing the gallery of photos we have prepared in Ella Hoy of fashionable umbrellas , they will make you want to let it rain wear to be able to take them out to the street, do not you believe us? Look, look … The gray and sad looks of a single color are over, the trend now is to wear bright and bold colors, and in the umbrellas, too.

There are hand painted, bright colors and geometry, with drawings of adorable cats or threatening dragons, to give your best friend or to show them yourself; Think of a look of waterproof boots, matching leggings, seasonal rain wear and a nice umbrella with floral print. What’s great? These fun and eye-catching umbrellas are the most of the most and are very easily found in fashion stores, on platforms like Easy you can find many hand-painted models, choose the umbrella that you like and go out to the street to fill it with color.

How to travel with rain wear

The winter days of rain and cold do not feel like going out on a bicycle too much. The normal thing is to stay at home, but if you are surprised by the bad weather in the middle of a trip of several days, waiting for it to stop is not an alternative.

Some people decide to park the bicycle during the winter months. But being well prepared, bad weather does not have to be an ordeal and can even be pleasant.

We usually do a route of at least a week every Christmas. And little by little we have accumulated some experience on how to equip the days of dogs where you not only have to fight the cold, but also, the rain.

Our first advice is that you have to assume that if you get a good shower on a bike, wetting you will get wet. If the rain does not do it, they will do the sweat. And the condensation that is generated inside the raincoats.

The objective therefore is not to stay dry but not to get wet very much and above all to keep warm.

Body and head – Rain jacket

Cycling raincoats do not usually have a hood, and a rain jacket without a hood is not worth much. It is better to buy some mountain clothing, well waterproof, with seams sealed, hood. And if possible some openings for ventilation.

The hood has to have a semi-adjustable. And adjustable visor to avoid that the water falls on your face without taking away your lateral visibility.

Above the hood you can also wear the helmet, which if it has a visor also helps you to remove water from your face.

The raincoat much better if it is unlined. It is good that it dries quickly when you take it off. And that the lining does not absorb water from other garments with which it will be in contact.

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