Purifying Activated Charcoal Shampoo

Activated Charcoal Shampoo
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We are always looking for the perfect shampoo, it is essential to find the well-balanced product that is washed but not dried, which hydrates without weighing it down. So purifying activated charcoal shampoo we are very demanding, you know!

But this shampoo with activated carbon will also be suitable for my dry hair?

The premise is always that. . .

What is perfect for me may not be perfect for others, on this there is no rain, but one thing is certain, when we like a product we cannot keep it for us and we must advise everyone!

Discover the activated carbon

Used all over the world, activated charcoal helps humans from the times of the times.

It has a high antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, sebum-regulating and anti-odor properties.

Activated charcoal is a completely natural substance, it is also used in tablets to limit flatulence and intestinal disorders, the aborigines use it on the skin for healing just because it can expel toxins, viruses, bacteria. Activated carbon seems to be truly miraculous …

In cosmetics, the “Activated Charcoal” is useful to clean the skin and take away traces of smog, bacteria and dirt but above all to wash the best.

On the basis of how it is balanced it will turn out to be more or less “strong”, in fact I initially feared that such a shampoo would be too much washing for my hair.

Activated Charcoal Shampoo

Activated charcoal shampoo

As in all the products of the brand, the focus color is black, conferred by the charcoal, so we will go to approach it with a liquid dark-colored shampoo, odorless that in contact with water tends not to melt immediately.

What a strange thing!

Like all organic shampoos, it must be diluted and at the beginning it will tend to remain separate from the water.

The product on the skin can make a good soft foam and not at all aggressive.

Inside the shampoo we find aloe that makes the product moisturizing but delicate, more in second and third place we can read two delicate surfactants such as: Decyl Glucoside and Lauryl Betaine that help the shampoo to create the foam and to be balanced and not aggressive, plus the Lauryl Betaine in the presence of very dirty hair can still create foam.

Purifying activated charcoal shampoo

The fact that it was decanted as purifying shampoo had warned me a lot, but with the various uses I discovered in this shampoo a delicate ally!

I have used in the past much more aggressive shampoos that caused me itching and a light dandruff, symptoms of a formulation too much for my type of skin, this instead washes well, in fact the hair after rinsing make it slightly “gnik” but it is a sensation almost imperceptible.

The shampoos that I leave in the shower are usually 2 or 3, I try to alternate the products, so as not to weigh too much hair.

My routine is based on a more moisturizing / nourishing and a more washing product, it is rare that you use the same shampoo twice in succession, alternating between them I can have a skin always or almost clean, never fat but free of dryness.


I tried this activated charcoal shampoo always diluted and always left my hair perfectly clean but never dry.

As I wrote a little above, I have never tried a daily use and above all assiduous, alternating I was able to find the right balance that makes me say that the product is so purifying but not at all aggressive.

I like the delicacy combined with the effectiveness, I think it is perfect on that kind of thin hair that tends to get dirty quickly.


It is certainly suitable for oily hair, just because of the presence of coal which, as we know, is a regulating sebum and not only.

But used alternately and for its very delicate formulation, I found it very valid even on my type of hair.

As I told you also for the always purifying activated charcoal shampoo, my weekly use of a purifying activated charcoal shampoo allows me to have my hair clean a day longer, but I could never use it as a single shampoo, just because not suitable for my skin type .

I repeated this concept because it is the key to me.

That’s why I think it cannot be a product suitable for everyone because if used “bad” (every product) from the worst of itself.

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