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Anti aging preventive medicine-The current trend shows an increase in life expectancy of three months after each passing year. But it is an exponential trend, which will make it possible to increase four months each year in five years, and so on.

To achieve this, the remarkable development of anti-aging preventive medicine has had a great impact. Although this term is already falling into disuse. Now we talk about preventive, proactive, predictive and personalized preventive medicine; in short, precision medicine.

Below we share a series medical director to fight or avoid these diseases. And disorders related to the passage of time published in The Confidential.

Feeding: fasting can increase longevity

the preventive medicine

Fasting simulates the effects of caloric restriction. One of the few actions that have been demonstrated with a true anti-aging effect in small mammals. But also in great apes. In humans it is still to be demonstrated. But there are already nutritional tendencies related to fasting that are known as intermittent fasting.

Vegan food

A vegan diet is a low inflammatory diet that improves most of the biomarkers that we want to control in the aging process. That does not mean that the vegetarian diet or a conventional diet such as the Mediterranean do not achieve the same effects.

Anti-aging preventive medicine

It is demonstrated that the Mediterranean diet lengthens the telomeres. And, therefore it would have an anti-aging effect. As a result, vegetables, fruits, olive oil, nuts and blue fish could be defined as anti-aging foods.

5 meals what and when?

Chronobiology is a fact. Our organism is not the same at eight o’clock in the morning as at eight o’clock at night. In terms of nutrition, the term ritmonutrition has recently been coined to optimize schedules and the type of food we should take. So, for example, in the morning we should avoid foods rich in tryptophan, a precursor of serotonin, to avoid some drowsiness.

However, these foods would be recommended in the afternoon, like chocolate. In the same way in the morning should be recommended foods rich in tyrosine. As for the timing of the shots, they should be adapted to our chronotype, and in any case the dinner should not be later than an hour and a half before going to bed.

Recommended diets

All slimming diets are based on the reduction of caloric intake, either because you only take sandwiches or fruit or broths. But in the end, you eat less than you spend. Outside of the fad diets, in science slimming diets are classified into two types: the LCD and the VLCD. Both work. The first, slower than the second. If correct food reeducation is made and a balanced diet is maintained over time once the desired weight has been achieved, they all work. The VLCD have shown better results in the medium and long term because of the motivating effect of achieving objectives in less time.


Derived reproduction problems

Stress affects all of our vital functions and has been shown to be one of the most influential factors in early aging. How to fight against stress is the million dollar question. The first thing would be to avoid the stressful stimulus, but this is not always possible. So the solution is to adopt measures to control our response to this stimulus. ‘Mindfulness’, meditation, physical exercise, relaxation techniques, etc.

Oxidative stress and what are its consequences

This cell damage, in turn, produces an equally damaging inflammation. Our body has its own antioxidant systems. So the intake of antioxidants should be monitored as it can inhibit our own internal mechanisms. The state of oxidation, reduction and inflammation can be accurately measured.


What to do?

Most sleep disorders obey a chronodisruption. A mismatch of our internal clock forced by our habits of life. Genetically, we can be roosters, intermediaries or owls (night owls). Most of us are intermediate, but our lifestyles force us to be owls because we stay awake with electric light stimuli until hours when we should be sleeping.

The advice: means the circadian curve of melatonin and strictly respect the rules of sleep hygiene. A correct prescription of melatonin could help you.


Currently, there is much scientific interest in the diagnosis of diseases in their subclinical phase, that is, before they begin to give symptoms. Therefore, we talk about prediabetes. You must meditate with some regularity the biomarkers of the metabolism of carbohydrates; the glucose, the glycosylated hemoglobin, the insulin and try to have them all at their levels of excellence. Normality is not enough.


Fight against him

50% of myocardial infarctions occur in people who have normal cholesterol and there are millions of people with high cholesterol who will never have a cardiovascular event. Therefore, you have to look if you have arteriosclerosis plaque in your arteries, and if so, you should do an aggressive primary prevention. If you do not have it, healthy lifestyles and periodic control to detect the appearance of the plaque early.

Sexual energy and menopause

Do you have treatment?

Sexuality is complex, it depends on many aspects: empathy with the couple. General state of health, particular state of health of the organs linked to sexuality. However, a healthy life is related to a better self-esteem, a better socialization and a better Sex life more satisfying. With the passage of time, our sex hormones are decreasing and while there are “natural” remedies that can help us, hormone replacement therapy from a certain age is the ideal treatment to improve libido and sexual function.

As for the menupause of course it has to do with age and with the sudden drop in your levels of estrogen and progesterone. In this case, a good treatment of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can help to minimize its effects.

Finally, sometimes become infected and it is because their immune system has not created a sufficient response to the vaccine. It is also the reason, why there is a worse or slower recovery when infectious diseases occur. Also to the appearance of inflammatory molecules and related pathologist such as osteoporosis, dementia, and fibrosis.

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