Habits that make wrinkles worse

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We all accept that wrinkles are a part of aging, but did you know that some of those wrinkles have little to do with age? Some of our habits and beauty routines could be having a negative effect on the number of wrinkles forming on our faces. Here are some of those bad habits. How many do you engage in?


This is the most common cause of developing wrinkles and studies with twins have shown in stark detail how much difference there can be between the skin of a smoker and that of a non-smoker. Expert advice? Quit as soon as you can!


For skin that stays looking youthful and healthy, abide by the old saying that you are what you eat. Too much of the good stuff like sugar and saturated fat will impact your weight and age you at the same time. Glycation is a process in which molecules of sugar attach to proteins in your skin, like collagen and make them stiffen and deform. This leads to a loss in facial elasticity. Refined sugar can also cause inflammation and insulin levels to soar. The inflammation creates enzymes which destroy collagen and elastin, resulting in wrinkles.

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Any type of alcohol will dehydrate the skin, making skin appear less plump and youthful. Over time, this will make skin lose its elasticity and wrinkle from the dehydration. Alcohol also effects levels of vitamin A, which provides an important antioxidant for your body and skin, helps in the regeneration of fresh cells and the production of collagen. Remember that it’s the collagen that keeps your skin supple and taut.

Chewing on gum

Repeatedly chewing gum over time can lead to distinctive wrinkles forming around the mouth. It can also cause other issues to the mouth structure, so is definitely a habit worth giving up if you can. Gloucester Botox can provide a solution to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Contact Doctor Kate for more information on Gloucester Botox.

Failing to remove make-up

Falling asleep in your make-up becomes a problem if you keep doing it. Pollutants in the environment and cosmetics accumulate during the day, seeping into your pores and affecting elastin and collagen. Failing to remove this build-up before sleeping is just making matters worse, speeding up the aging process. It’s essential to cleanse and moisturise before going to bed every night.

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Not using sun protection

Just a few minutes in the sun can start to breakdown collagen in our skin. It’s not just those super sunny days that are risky, however. Sunscreen should be applied come rain or shine to avoid the damage from UV rays. Ideally, choose a cream or lotion of SPF30 or higher.

Sleeping position

Sleeping on your front can lead to developing wrinkles from your face being pushed against the pillow. If you must sleep in this position, it’s best to use a satin pillowcase that will slide gently across the face.


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