How to eliminate cellulite: Treatments, exercises and feeding

eliminate cellulite
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Eliminate cellulite-The appearance of cellulite does not necessarily put health at risk. But it is an aesthetic problem that can be noticed in a large part of women. In some studies they say that more than 90% of women have cellulite. It is clear that to a greater or lesser extent. All or almost all of us have some cellulite and this has nothing to do with our weight because they are not always associated.

Cellulite is born in the skin, that body that covers our entire body and has 3 layers:

  • The epidermis: outer layer, responsible for giving color to our skin.
  • The dermis: Contains the nerve endings.

But you have to be very consistent and disciplined. Here you will find a complete guide to know how you can eliminate cellulite.

Treatments to eliminate cellulite

Treatments to eliminate cellulite

  • Maderoterapia: Here you will find all the details of this method to which more and more women join. It is a very intense and effective technique with wood. The interesting thing is that it is natural and very novel. It consists of an intense massage with wooden instruments that have the capacity to create a very effective reducing and toning effect against cellulite.
  • Verju laser: The green laser is a treatment with a low nibel laser that does not produce heat. And is not invasive, in fact, patients feel nothing. What the laser does is emulsify the adipose tissue that is then released in what is called “interstitial space” and the excess of fat is gradually eliminated in a natural way.
  • Dry brushing: This can be done in your own home. It is an economic habit and it simply requires a brush and your perseverance. Obviously you also have to know how to do it. For which we have prepared a specific article where you will find all . The details on how dry brushing against cellulite is applied.
  • Acoustic waves: Also known as “shock waves” with an excellent treatment against cellulite. Although they will also have benefits in your health. Acoustic waves are a procedure that is transmitted as vibrations or impulses to reach all layers of the skin. In this post you will find all the types of waves that there are and how we recommend that you apply the treatment according to your needs.
  • Yesoterapia: Yesoterapia is ideal as a reducing treatment and also works to eliminate cellulite. Simply consists of putting a plaster on the affected area. And after a while it is removed and the results are observed.
  • Vacumtherapy: therapy consists of the absorption of the skin to activate the venous and lymphatic circulation. This massage can be annoying, it helps a lot to give elasticity to the skin and firmness. If you want to eliminate cellulite this can help you a lot, we recommend it.
  • Radiofrequency: Radiofrequency or diathermy devices produce heat in the tissues and deeper layers acting from the inside out. The transmission of heat is the main basis of this treatment, promotes blood circulation in the area where the treatment is performed.
  • Carboxytherapy: Carboxytherapy is a technique that is done in an aesthetic center and involves the application of CO2 subcutaneously to increase the level of oxygen in the tissues and thus eliminate cellulite. We tell you all the details about this treatment and we assure you excellent results with it.
  • Mesotherapy: Anti-cellulite mesotherapy is a technique that already has a long life. And consists of puncture with very small needles in the areas affected by cellulite to activate some energy points.

Anti-cellulite products

  • Pharmacy products: We have all snooped through the pharmacy shift of our neighborhood to see the amount of products that are against cellulite. Everyone, more or less, can serve the same … or not? We explain what are the best pharmacy products to eliminate cellulite once and for all. And yes, these do work.
  • Night products: At night, our body relaxes and renews itself, preparing for the new. For that reason, at night, when you do not even notice, your body begins to absorb everything that you gave him, including the night cellulite products that work best. If you want to know what they are, enter here.
  • Essential oils: You can create yourself  your anti-cellulite oil. You do not have to be handy or have scientific knowledge. Here we tell you how to make yourself anti-cellulite self-massage, with what oils you can try to make it and at what time of the day it is better to apply the product.
  • Anti- cellulite sludge: Sludge can be of various types and serve to eliminate cellulite because they revitalize the skin and improve elasticity. We show you which are the best in the market so you can start to try them in your anti-cellulite beauty routine. List?
  • Best anti-cellulite creams: If you have also tried some anti-cellulite creams to eliminate cellulite but you do not find any that work, you have arrived at the right place. In this article we show you which are the best anti-cellulite creams and you will surely find them anywhere.
  • At what time apply the anti-cellulite cream?: Not all moments are the same to take care of our skin. Normally, what works best is to put the anti-cellulite product after sports.
  • Natural creams and scrubs: Before applying the anti-cellulite is very important to use an exfoliate to prepare the skin so that when you put the cream. It is absorbed in the best way on your skin. If you do not know what to buy and how to use it, here we tell you the details and we give you a complete list where you will see which the most effective products in the market are.

Physical activity and exercises to eliminate cellulite

Any treatment against cellulite, whether aesthetic medical treatment or with specific cosmetics, must be accompanied, in addition to healthy habits, of physical exercise. Exercise stimulates blood circulation and does not require strong activity because something as simple as walking, climbing stairs or dancing, will help you move fat cells and burn fat.

  • Exercises for each type of cellulite: To think that to end cellulite is enough to apply creams, serum, and oils and exfoliates, it is not realistic. The truth is that what works best is to play sports that are the way it is. Food and sports are very important in order to eliminate cellulite and eliminate it or reduce its likelihood.
  • Yoga against cellulite: There are some yoga positions that can be beneficial to eliminate cellulite. Staying flexible is important to oxygenate our body, so that all the nutrients reach each space correctly and that is why Yoga can help you mitigate the appearance of annoying cellulite. Take note of the main yoga postures that work against orange peel skin.

Feeding tips to eliminate cellulite

Fruits to eliminate cellulite: If you are not eating many fruits, do not worry, we will help you with a complete list of which ones work best against cellulite and we give you some ideas so you know how to prepare them.

Clearly, not all fruits are the same or have the same contribution. So open this link to find out which ones are best for you. Extra tip: leave it chopped the night before so that in the morning you do not have to do it and you excuse yourself in laziness.

Natural juices to eliminate cellulite: Preparing natural fruit juices is a great idea to end cellulite.

Some more tips to eliminate cellulite

  • Your lifestyle is essential. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will help prevent the appearance of cellulite. In addition to providing many other benefits for your health.
  • Drink water: you should drink plenty of water to avoid fluid retention.
  • Stop smoking: it is essential to quit smoking and after 30 years of age. Not only because your cellulite will thank you, but because your health comes first.
  • Avoid weight changes: the yo-yo effect that some diets produce is not good for combating cellulite. Try to stay at your ideal weight. Also having an optimal weight is essential for your health.
  • Combat stress: to fight stress practice yoga or meditation.
  • Correct posture: you must walk and sit in the correct posture, help with circulation problems.
  • Without alcohol: drinks with alcohol favor the appearance of toxins.
  • Clothing: Choose appropriate clothing and do not squeeze or compress the body excessively.

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