Eliminate blackheads on the nose without crushing them

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Eliminate blackheads
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It is essential the hygiene of the face to be realized in a deep way: steam, scrub, cleanser and mask cannot be missing for your battle with eliminate blackheads on the nose.

How to get rid of blackheads without crushing them

They are one of the most common imperfections and concern all age groups. Fortunately, however, we can get rid of it. But how? Crush them or not? Let’s face it, all of us, at least once, maybe as teenagers, have tried to get rid of the annoying blackheads ‘squeezing’ them. But it is absolutely not the ideal solution, indeed, in this way, risks only to worsen inflammation and remain with small permanent scars on the face.

Blackheads: What they are and causes?

But what are blackheads? Nothing but skin impurities that are formed due to fat. Do you know that blackheads are actually white? They open under the pressure of the sebum from which the fat emerges, which however undergoes an oxidation process as soon as it ‘comes out’ on the surface, becoming darker. Blackheads, which often peep on impure skin of adults in more fatty areas such as the nose, forehead and chin, are linked to the hormonal activity of testosterone that makes ‘pressing’ on the sebaceous glands increasing the secretion of sebum that, in turn, clogs the pores causing the formation of blackheads and acne.

Eliminate blackheads

Eliminate blackheads with activated charcoal

Active and ultra-absorbent, charcoal is able to remove excess sebum and blackheads of the nose, counteracting the shine of the skin and giving it a matte effect. Activated carbon, also called activated carbon, and known for its properties since ancient times, is a natural antibacterial and an anti-fungal, as well as being an excellent ally for cleaning your skin: it is widely used in masks for skins mixed, fat and impure because, unlike clay that can dry out too much, coal dust does not leave the feeling of skin that ‘pulls’. You absolutely have to try it! Pure activated charcoal mask with its black texture, it can be used as a detergent, to thoroughly clean and counteract impurities; as a scrub, with its natural exfoliating particles to eliminate dead cells and purify the pores; or as a black mask to improve the brightness of the skin, fight the shine and make it softer.

Eliminate blackheads from the nose with cleanliness

It will seem trivial but the prevention of this imperfection first of all by the operation through the use of non-aggressive cosmetics. So let the do-it-yourself go loose and focus on steam, mild detergents, scrubs and masks. To purify the fatty area of the nose, start with a cleansing: with a little ‘hot steam the pores dilate favoring not only the elimination of blackheads but helping the cosmetics that subsequently apply to penetrate deeper. Every day uses a detergent specifically designed to purify the skin and, a couple of times a week, try an astringent and absorbent mask based on ventilated clay or activated carbon.

A help from the scrub

Do not forget that the exfoliate is always a great ally in case the resistant blackheads, which usually appear around the nose, do not want to go. The scrubs are made of micro granules of natural origin that applied on the face, during rubbing (you just massage for one minute with circular movements from the center of the face to the outside) eliminate dead cells and impurities: perfect to fight the unpleasant blackheads. I recommend not to use the scrub on dry skin because it risks annoying and difficult to treat micro-lesions.

Eliminate blackheads

Finally remember that to solve the problem of blackheads on the nose and more generally on the face once and for all as well as a proper routine you have to fight them from the inside and you cannot underestimate the power. Banned ready foods, fats and sugars as well as alcohol. Finally, keep stress at bay and dedicate at least a couple of times a week to outdoor sports. Only your blackheads will not compliment you!

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