Does activated charcoal work or does it hurt?

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activated charcoal
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Activated charcoal is a very useful remedy in case of poisoning, poisoning, abdominal swelling and stomach acid. It should not be used over time, because it could cause constipation, absorb nutrients and important active ingredients.

It is not always easy to get caught up in the dubi about charcoal and its properties, but also about how it should be used.

In fact, there are several schools of thought regarding activated charcoal and therefore reading here and there it is inevitable to ask whether activated charcoal works or hurts.

Activated Coal: Cons

> Activated carbon is produced from the combustion of poplar wood, willow and other varieties and may contain some harmful substances such as hydrocarbons.

> The use of charcoal must comply with the dosages indicated on the packages because an excess could cause constipation.

> Activated carbon has absorbing properties and it is not recommended to children because it could intercept and absorb nutrients that are important for their growth.

activated charcoal

Activated Charcoal: Pros

Activated carbon is recommended in case of abdominal swelling due to poor digestion, or in dangerous situations such as food poisoning, fungal poisoning.

The charcoal, thanks to its porosity, absorbs and incorporates harmful substances thus protecting our organism until the elimination phase. So let’s see in brief the “pro” of activated coal:

> Swelling, meteorism: coal adsorbs excess gas produced by an erroneous association of foods that can ferment, reduce tensions and possible abdominal pain;

> Stomach acid: thanks to its adsorbing properties, activated carbon succeeds in retaining the gastric juices going back up into the esophagus;

> Diarrhea: in case of dysentery, or even of irritable colon after an antibiotic treatment, after a gastrointestinal influence the activated carbon absorbs the excess of liquids, recomposes the feces and helps to restore normal intestinal function.

Activated Coal: Use

The conclusion is that the Charcoal must be used with caution, only under certain conditions and for reduced periods. It is not a remedy that can be used for prevention, but only for acute symptoms, if necessary.

We find it on the market in capsules, in tablets. We carefully follow the indicated dosage, generally from 1 to 2 grams per day based on the disorder.

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