Do you know activated charcoal?

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activated charcoal
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Discover activated charcoal properties, benefits, uses and also contraindications.

The activated charcoal is one of the best known natural remedies and simple to use when we are dealing with stomach problems and intestine. Thanks to its high absorbing power it proves useful in case of meteorism, digestive difficulties, intoxication and poisoning.

Here are the things to know about positive effects, functions and contraindications to use it to the fullest …

What is it for?

Available in powder or tablets, activated charcoal can be a natural remedy that is easy to find and useful to keep in your bag or at home. It can be taken with a glass of water, preferably away from meals for short periods: it is recommended to avoid abuse or prolonged use. Furthermore, use during pregnancy and lactation should be avoided. In addition to being invaluable in cases of food poisoning or poisoning, the use of vegetable carbon mitigates the effects due to the intake of alcohol and gives relief in case of meteorism, diarrhea, and presence of intestinal gas.

activated charcoal

Properties and contraindications

Activated charcoal is obtained through the processing of wood, heated to very high temperatures, between 500°C and 600°C, in a low-oxygen atmosphere. This very fine dark colored powder is used in the medical-pharmaceutical sector because it is able to reduce the absorption of ingested substances, so as to be used in cases of poisoning, for example from fungi, cyanides and organic solvents.

Warning! Because of the absorbent properties, the effectiveness of the drugs may be compromised, so it is good to avoid using activated charcoal from the half hour before the drug and within two hours. In case of overdose it may cause vomiting, and constipation problems, up to gastrointestinal obstructions. In addition, vegetable carbon in concomitance with magnesium citrate and sorbitol must also be avoided.

Does activated charcoal work?

In cases of meteorism and diarrhea, vegetable carbon proves to be very effective even when traveling. A significant improvement can be observed within a few hours. Faced with symptoms of oil poisoning and derivatives, it may be useful to administer 2 tablespoons of powdered activated charcoal in a glass of water: it is recommended to immediately consult the nearest hospital and the poison control center. Vegetable carbon is also used on animals, after consulting the veterinarian.

Does activated charcoal lose weight?

The beneficial properties of activated charcoal for human health are still controversial, but what we know is that this substance proves to be a precious natural remedy (even when traveling!) In cases of diarrhea, aerophagia, meteorism, poor digestion, food poisoning, halitosis, colitis and gastric acidity. Activated charcoal cannot help you lose weight, as opposed to abdominal swelling. Useful against the swollen belly, eliminates gas in the present and improves digestive processes.

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