Charcoal, the ally for intestinal wellness

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intestinal wellness
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Stop belly swelling and poor digestion with charcoal: a natural remedy in powder or tablets, convenient to carry in your bag and to keep at home. Activated charcoal or “activated carbon” is useful in case of intestinal wellness but also of intoxication, colitis, halitosis, stomach acid, diarrhea, gastritis and mitigates the negative effects of alcohol.

Plant charcoal for intestinal wellness: What it is?

Activated charcoal for food use is obtained from the classic processing of wood (poplar, willow or other varieties) heated in a low-oxygen atmosphere at temperatures that reach 500/600°C.

In the pharmaceutical industry, the dark powder obtained is used for cases of poisoning, for example from mushrooms, cyanides and organic solvents because it is able to reduce the absorption of ingested substances. The more porous the material, the higher its absorbing capacity, even once worked. But, beyond the life-saving function, it has been noted that coal is also useful in cases of meteorism and diarrhea, which is why it is very effective during trips and holidays to counter any intestinal disorders.

intestinal wellness

Charcoal: Benefits for the intestine wellness

At the forefront in cases of emergency from accidental or voluntary poisoning due to its high absorbency of food and toxic substances, activated carbon is a valuable ally of the intestine.

Limit aerofagia and meteorism by holding the gases inside. For this reason it is among the most effective remedies against abdominal swelling: it flattens the stomach and reduces tension and pain. However, let’s sweep away a doubt: the charcoal does not lose weight. In other words, it improves digestive processes and therefore makes it feel lighter, but does not act on fat mass. In case of travel diarrhea or irritable colon, activated carbon, by compacting the stool, can help to limit the effects.

If you suffer from reflux and stomach acid, you can relieve you by holding excess gastric juices. A property that also gives it a slight antibacterial power, for which, for example, it is also indicated in case of bad breath.

Plant charcoal for intestinal wellness: Contraindications

Activated carbon is very well tolerated by the body and has no particular side effects. However, there are contraindications to its use. The action of this natural supplement can counteract with the absorption of active ingredients and nutrients, so it should be taken away from meals and medicines or supplements which would void the action. Banned as always self-prescription, you should consult your doctor for any questions and to assess any interference.

Coal is also used for short periods. Avoid prolonged use, intake during pregnancy or lactation as a precautionary measure, and in case of intestinal blockages. If there are appendicitis or occlusive diseases of the stomach and intestine in progress, coal should not be used.

Prolonged use, not recommended, can result in very dark stools which, however, do not represent a health hazard in this case.

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