Active carbon, an ancient wonder

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Activated carbon
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From whitening teeth, skin, even for detoxification, active carbon is used since 1500 BC to treat various problems.

Activated charcoal is part of those ancestral knowledge that has been used throughout life by those who were our grandmothers, the grandmothers of those grandmothers and even much further back.

It is said that in the boats of the Phoenicians, the water they were drinking was stored in previously charred barrels, we are talking about 450 BC In the history of mankind there are also traces of the use of activated carbon in a gas phase for the odors of the gangrene, and in London, in 1854, the ventilation filters of the sewers (sewers) were activated carbon and that was the first record of massive use.

The superpower of activated or active carbon consists of adsorbing, yes, with D, molecules that flow. That is to say, those molecules that it traps stay on its surface and do not assimilate them, contrary to what happens in absorption. That is why it is stuck with things present in gases or liquids, and hence it’s purifying power.

Active carbon is used to filter water, to deodorize the air, to help people who are intoxicated (it is the universal antidote) in emergency rooms or hospitals. To discolor vegetable oils and see them clearly and not as a bearing (such as coconut for example), also to decolor wines and alcoholic beverages, to refine sugar, among many other things.

Activated carbon

Here we bring you some uses that can solve everyday problems …

For digestive detoxification

When you feel very bloated, a pill of active carbon can be your salvation. When there are many stomach gases, it is an ideal relief.

To whiten teeth

If you feel that you have smoked a lot or your teeth are about to turn into butter-colored, crush a pill of activated charcoal or break down a capsule. Make a paste with water and brush your teeth with it. Leave it for 5 minutes and rinse it afterwards. You will feel at least one tone (sometimes more) of that yellowish color of your smile.

Whiten the skin and clean pores

Carbon is perfect to make a mask that removes all impurities. Mix two tablespoons of charcoal powder with a little water and add a pinch of unflavored gelatin and a teaspoon of milk. Make a gelatinous paste and apply it on your face, wait for it to dry and remove like a mask. Rinse and feel how all those black spots on your nose went.


It is also a long-term treatment, because it constantly purifies the body if you take at least 500 milligrams a day from it. It is easy to get by capsules in health food stores. Your kidneys, pancreas and liver will be completely grateful especially in this time full of fertilizers and food additives. It also reduces cholesterol levels.


To relieve insect bites, bee, wasp, mixed with aloe vera and is set as a poultice. With its super power of “extraction” it extracts the poison and calms the pain, the swelling and the hives. It is said that even in snakes no non-deadly snakebite is of great relief.

Before dismissing this article with the benefits, we must clarify that coal is not simple wood burned, do not go to take a spoonful of ashes from your campfire, please. That charcoal on the grill is full of additives and toxins.

It is also necessary to take into account when taking active carbon not taking medicines that are necessary for health, because when the coal goes through the stomach and intestinal walls, its power destroys everything that is in them and it would not be good if you need those active medicines in the body.

Finally the charcoal stains the clothes, just in case, it is better to clean the dust well if it has fallen a bit in it.

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