Activated charcoal, is it really so healthy?

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Activated charcoal
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Who has never heard of the properties of activated charcoal or carbon, if you prefer? Although it was already used in the past, both by the Greeks and the Egyptians, it seems that it is back in vogue. That of black food has become a real fashion: everyone goes crazy because they believe that its detoxifying properties make it a panacea for health.

Activated charcoal is in fact added to foods like bread, pasta but also to drinks like juices and smoothies. It’s okay if the intent is the scenography one but never underestimate the repercussions on health. The question that everyone should ask is the following: Does it really look good?

Activated charcoal

Activated charcoal: all that glitters is not all gold

To say it was the Australian nutritionist Fiona Tuck that coal should be used with caution: “Activated carbon, if taken daily, can be very dangerous. It would inhibit the absorption of nutrients”- revealed the expert to the Daily Mail. Maximum attention if you take medications: it could reduce the assimilation and effectiveness of some medicines. Side effects also include diarrhea and vomiting.

A help for poisoning and skin

But we must break a spear in his favor. It must be said that activated carbon, if used to take care of your intestine and cope with abdominal swellings and poor digestion, can be useful. “It reduces gas and swelling. Not only. There is nothing wrong with taking it after an alcoholic weekend but beware, it is not necessary to take it every day”- concludes the expert. Yes, coal is often used to deal with episodes of poisoning or intoxication. The important thing is to make a sensible use of it. It can also be used to treat oily skin and eliminate dirt, acne and blackheads. Or again to make the teeth whiter.

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