Activated Charcoal: It is so good for cholesterol

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Activated Charcoal
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The activated charcoal is one of natural remedies most commonly used to reduce not only the accumulation of intestinal gas, but also the bad cholesterol in excess. However, it is also widely used as an emergency treatment to counter poisoning and drug overdose.

In addition, it can be useful for pregnant women to treat biliary reflux problems and for men and women around the world, to prevent hangovers (before an alcoholic evening!). In short, the uses are many and very diversified. But how does charcoal powder work and why is it so effective? Let’s try to understand more.

What is active plant carbon?

The activated charcoal is a powerful natural treatment used to absorb toxins and chemicals present in the body, allowing the elimination without any reabsorbed.

Activated charcoal can have different sources, but when using as a remedy it is important to choose the activated carbon derived from the shells of coconuts and other natural sources.

According to some research, in certain situations, activated carbon can even act better than gastric lavage! Its operation is based on a very simple action. Activated carbon traps all the toxins and chemicals in its miniscule million pores. But it does not act by absorbing toxins, but through the chemical process of adsorption, which is a chemical reaction that brings certain elements to bind to a surface. The porous surface of activated carbon has a negative electrical charge, which allows positively charged toxins and gases to bind to it.

Whenever you decide to take activated charcoal you need to start hydrating your body by drinking 12 to 16 glasses of water a day. Activated carbon can in fact cause dehydration if an adequate supply of water is not to be assumed. In addition, another benefit will come from the water: toxins will be expelled faster and, above all, goodbye constipation!

It seems superfluous to underline it, but be careful: charcoal is not the charcoal used for the barbecue or the grill, because the latter is rich in toxins and chemicals. In short, it should never be swallowed!

Activated Charcoal

Activated carbon and high cholesterol

Among the many benefits that can take with him the intake of activated carbon, there is one in particular that concerns the hated high cholesterol. Indeed, several studies have shown that activated charcoal reduces bad cholesterol by re-circulating the good one, replicating the same action of some specific drugs used in the treatment of this condition.

It was a particular study that showed itself to be revealing. In particular, the patients included in the research recorded a 25% decrease in total cholesterol and 41% in LDL cholesterol. The good news, however, concerns HDL cholesterol, the so-called good cholesterol that, in these cases, has recorded an increase of 8%, in just four weeks.

The active carbon-cholesterol bond is not so obvious, although many studies have hypothesized and verified this excellent association. As always, our best advice is always valid. Before taking activated charcoal it is necessary to consult your doctor, as it may limit the intake of different drugs.

What is charcoal for?

The benefits of activated carbon, however, are not limited to the action on cholesterol. Indeed, the properties are varied and diversified. Let’s see them together.

  • Dental Hygiene – Are your teeth stained with coffee, tea and wine? Brushing your teeth two or three times a week with activated carbon powder will not only allow you to whiten your teeth, but will also improve your dental hygiene, preventing bad breath and gingivitis.
  • Flatulence – One of the most common uses of coal is to relieve the feeling of bloating due to the accumulation of intestinal gas. In this case, you can choose to take charcoal as such or as a food supplement in combination with other substances, such as lactic ferments and plant extracts such as fennel, green anise and lemon balm.
  • Post-hangover nausea – Although activated carbon does not allow alcohol to be absorbed, it can be used to limit the damage of an alcoholic night, because it helps to remove other toxins that contribute to the feeling of general discomfort.
  • Intestinal health – As indicated above, activated charcoal helps promote digestive tract health by removing toxins that cause allergic reactions, oxidative damage and poor immune function.
  • Anti-aging action – Among the many effects of charcoal, the anti-aging action could not be lacking. In fact, activated charcoal can prevent cellular damage to the kidneys and liver, and promote the health of the adrenal glands. This effect can be achieved by using coal frequently, about two capsules a day, especially after taking non-organic food, meat and contact with other toxins. This treatment will improve cognitive functions, liver, kidney and digestive tract health.

As was previously stated, activated charcoal should only be taken after consulting your health care provider, especially if major illnesses are already present. Above all, if you choose to hire coal, it should be noted that, if you take any drug, it should be taken at least 2 to 3 hours away from coal as this may limit the absorption of the medicines.

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