Activated Charcoal For Perfect Skin

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Activated Charcoal For Perfect Skin
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When the expression “black as coal” becomes synonymous with beauty and well-being. It is worth knowing, activated charcoal: in the form of a supplement and juice, it deflates the belly, while if used as a face mask it eliminates impurities from the skin. It is perfect for mixed and fat skin and for those who live in big cities. This is confirmed by beauty experts from all over the world: the term activated charcoal, is one of the trend in Google. Let’s see why use activated charcoal for perfect skin.

The activated charcoal for perfect skin is a 100% natural product, it resulted in the palm of your hand at face value by stars like Miranda Kerr, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jessica Alba, who revere it with its properties anti swelling, cleansing, detox, anti-pollution, anti-impurities.

Activated charcoal to swallow

There are several cosmetic outlets of this ingredient so popular today. Broccoli explains: “Activated carbon is often used in detoxifying treatments: its purpose is derived from the pharmaceutical use it is made of: think that in large quantities it is one of the components of gastric lavage, i.e. the treatment that is carried out in case of poisoning. This is because it is able to effectively absorb toxins and poisons. In quantities more contained, instead, is used as a supplement alimentary and detoxifying, it performs the same action of purifying filter and helps in case of swelling. “Not only that: today the trends in beauty and wellness they want charcoal to be the real guest star of many healthy drinks, precisely because of its deflating and purifying activity.

Activated Charcoal For Perfect Skin

Activated charcoal: Face masks against impurities and smog

“On the face, then, the charcoal has the ability to absorb impurities and pollutants like fine sponges like a sponge, the nightmare of those who live in big cities, and leaves the face clean and fresh. of beauty products to create masks and patches for impure skin and for those looking for an immediate detox effect”, emphasizes Broccoli.

DIY charcoal

The question arises: how to compose a DIY beauty mask using the mythical charcoal? According to the expert, “you can add to a neutral creamy base, pure activated charcoal (you buy it in herbal medicine) Let’s remember that the so obtained compound will be rinsed thoroughly from the face using lukewarm water after a pose of about 10/15 minutes, depending on the type of skin. Applied on the skin, a mask with activated charcoal like this, can work wonders, especially in the presence of blackheads and pimples: traps sebum and impurities, it goes to eliminate from the dermis and leave the epidermis completely clean Simple and super purifying “.

To be added to activated charcoal for perfect skin in beauty routine

In addition to activated charcoal, this will be the year of the natural beauty ingredients. According to the expert, “superfoods will be strong, that is all those natural products rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that help to counteract the aging process of the skin. An example are broccoli, cabbage, ginger, papaya, and dragon fruit. Also prepare yourself for a (beneficial) invasion of vinegars, honey, mushrooms, algae and hemp in the beauty case: they will be the perfect base for serums, creams and various cleansers “. In short, the common thread is the green and sustainable trend.

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