Activated Charcoal For Hangover: Before or After ALCOHOL

Activated Charcoal For Hangover
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Activated charcoal – a natural adsorbent, cleanses the body of alcohol disintegration products, toxins, helps with a hangover. Activated charcoal is not a medicine, so it can be taken as a drink before alcohol, or after, intoxicated. Taking other medications at the same time, charcoal is not recommended – it will not allow them to act normally. Let’s find out more about activated charcoal for hangover …

Activated Charcoal – Before or After Drinking?

Activated charcoal – enterosorbent, absorbs harmful substances before it is time to make the body. The action applies to medications, heavy metals, row toxins, sleeping pills and other drugs. They are sold at any pharmacy. It is used whenever you need to withdraw from foreign substances in the body, especially – it got through the esophagus.

Activated Charcoal For Hangover

In the interaction with alcohol charcoal for hangover helps in following way …

  • Some activated charcoal pills plus alcohol will continue to be in order to remember everything that happens. Charcoal, adopted prior to the use of alcohol, allow more time to get drunk and do not feel better in the morning hangover will be weaker. In this case, the charcoal remains in the intestine absorbs a part of the alcohol and toxins, without giving them all enter the body.
  • Activated charcoal, drunk after drinking alcohol, will help the body eliminate toxins more quickly and cope with alcohol intoxication. The load on the liver and other organs will be less significant part of the alcohol disintegration products will be released in a natural way, without creating a burden on the liver. In the morning you will feel much better than if the alcohol after the charcoal was not drunk.
  • The activated charcoal with a hangover will work weaker. In the morning, the liver has time to deal with those most affected by alcohol and alcohol continues to process and eliminate toxins. In particular – acetaldehyde, guilty of a bad morning’s well-being. In this state, the charcoal will accelerate the process of recovery of the body, the hangover will be faster, but the effect will be felt immediately. The effect of other drugs, including analgesics, will be weaker due to the absorption properties of charcoal.

As can be seen, the drug will positively affect the well-being and state of the body in all three situations. It remains to be determined how much you need to drink activated charcoal for hangover is necessary in these cases and how to drink the medication correctly.

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How many tablets do you need to drink?

  • The number of tablets before the meal will be compared with the amount of alcohol. Activated charcoal for hangover is passed on alcohol reduces the impact of alcohol. For small and medium size is enough 2-4 tablets for a good holiday – 6 or 8 pieces.
  • At night to drink 1 tablet every 10 kg of body weight. The maximum number is best limited to 8 tablets.
  • When hangover you should drink 4-8 tablets of activated charcoal, with plenty of water.

Activated charcoal is a good help with a hangover, if taken correctly:

  1. Wash with plenty of water.
  2. Do not swallow and chew or crush powder.
  3. Two hours after receiving the charcoal should be emptied intestine.

Note: Visit the toilet is necessary, even if the pills are taken before bedtime. The drug is extremely important to take right – in two hours the activated charcoal begins to give the toxins back into the body. At the same time, there will be more to give to penetrate backwards. The reverse process without bringing any beneficial effect to the body.

Receiving activated charcoal for hangover should always limit at least 2-3 hours of taking any pills and other pharmaceutical products. Otherwise, the drugs will act less or not work at all. You may also likeĀ

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