Activated charcoal as a tooth powder

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This option will be more popular with those who do not trust means, manufactured in a stream way. Then the bleaching agent can be made independently. Will this tool be more effective than the “factory” means – the eternal theme for the dispute? But the fact that it will be cleaned and bleached is a fact. For the tooth powder you need activated charcoal in ten tablets, three tablespoons of chalk, a teaspoon of soda and a teaspoon of salt.

All the ingredients should be thoroughly mixed and filled into a container with a tight-fitting lid. Can such a powder replace the “factory” toothpaste? Completely. The abrasive material of the powder will be chalk and charcoal. Whitening ingredients are soda and charcoal. And salt helps to salivate when brushing your teeth.

It should be noted that modern toothpastes include a softer abrasive material than chalk. Therefore, if you have a weak enamel, then it is better to refuse tooth powder than to use modern toothpastes on a helium basis. But before you start the independent procedures for teeth whitening, visit the dentist and try to get advice about the bleaching options available.

In the powder obtained at home, aromatic additives do not enter, therefore, in order to resume freshness in the mouth, it is recommended after washing with such a powder to rinse the oral cavity with a tooth elixir.

The most unpleasant effect is aesthetic. Let’s admit that teeth whiten not so much for health as for external appeal. The fact is that coal softens in water, is divided into even smaller particles. These particles fall into the space between the teeth, in the cracks, in the relief depressions of the teeth. If someone who uses coal as a bleach does not get a good enough rinse out of the mouth, then the particles of coal are allocated. It’s not really beautiful. To avoid this effect, it is enough to walk once more with a brush (you can without the paste) and rinse the mouth again. Advice from those who bleach the tooth with charcoal regularly: brush your teeth with activated charcoal powder at the night, and in the morning – a regular paste, then there will be no confuse with aesthetic appearance.

Another effect that can cause trouble is the high abrasive qualities of activated charcoal. This must always be remembered for those for whom a weak enamel is a reality. People with this quality of teeth an impressive recommendation: before taking action in relation to the teeth, consult a dentist. After all, as a bleach to such people, not only activated charcoal, but also other bleaching agents may not be suitable for such people, because not only activated charcoal, but also other bleaching agents may not be suitable for such bleach.

It happens that after cleaning with activated charcoal, teeth suddenly show increased sensitivity to temperature fluctuations. In this case, this procedure should be performed less often – three. In a circumstance when the increased sensitivity is maintained, then twice a week. And after brushing your teeth, avoid drinking hot or chilled drinks.

An attractive white smile is a powerful counterargument in favor of survival in the social jungles of the modern world.

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