Activated carbon helps to combat difficult digestion

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Activated carbon
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The small gastrointestinal and digestive problems are very frequent at every age, but above all in those who have passed the “door”. Nature also helps us in these cases.

Not infrequently, there are many people who experience problems after meals: swollen abdomen, flatulence and meterorism are the most frequent symptoms of a difficult digestion which causes intestinal fermentation, with consequent gas production.

The causes can be different: excessive amount of food or unsuitable foods (too much fat, processed foods, etc.), association of certain substances and, of course, personal predispositions.

In fact, in the food sector there are no fixed rules and hard and fast laws: everyone must learn to know themselves and support the functioning of their body, with a diet that is as rich and varied as possible. But if our digestion is not always perfect and causes us, in addition to meteorism, occasional feelings of nausea or irritable bowel disorders, we can try to regulate it with the help of nature.

difficult digestion

In these cases, activated charcoal is very useful. It is not a specific plant, but a natural substance derived from the plant kingdom.

The charcoal comes from the charred wood, then completely dried. This process turns it into a substance with a strong ability to absorb liquids.

This is why activated charcoal can be useful in case of bloating and flatulence, especially in the presence of a swollen abdomen due to the presence of liquids.

However, the absorption capacity of this natural substance is not limited to liquids, but is also useful in the case of gas, a function for which powdered charcoal has long been used.

Another opportunity to use charcoal is in cases where it is necessary to absorb the intestinal gases present in order to perform clinical tests (for example, ultrasound) in the best way, without elements of disturbance or interference.

Activated charcoal, although it has always been used for its high absorbency, in some cases is also used in case of acute poisoning up to 2g more times a day.

In capsules or tablets it has an effective effect for meteorism and aerofagia phenomena.

There are no contraindications, but it is preferable not to take drugs at the same time as taking charcoal (especially birth control pills) in order not to risk a lower effect of the drug itself. It is sufficient to perform the two administrations at different times (after the main meals).

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