8 uses of activated carbon that you should know

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activated carbon
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Activated carbon (or activated charcoal) is a compound of vegetable origin. It stands out for its ability to absorb chemicals, metals and toxins. Its surface, full of pores, retains the unwanted compounds during the purification processes.

For this reason, it has been used for decades as a detoxifier.

Since antiquity, it has been applied for therapeutic purposes. It is one of the most effective antidotes against all types of poison. In addition, they are attributed anti-inflammatory, digestive and antioxidant properties, which help prevent and treat various diseases.

Then, you can know in detail the 8 main uses of activated carbon below …

1. Whiten the teeth

Thanks to its micropores, activated carbon is effective to reduce the plaque we accumulate between teeth. When applied, we will neutralize the pH of the mouth. This also contributes to the whitening of teeth stained by substances such as wine and coffee, for example.

In passing, we will reduce the risk of suffering:

  • Cavities
  • Halitosis
  • Gingivitis
  • Diseases in the gums

2. Combat abdominal inflammation and gas

Active carbon relieves abdominal discomfort caused by inflammation and the accumulation of gases. The fact that their organic compounds can bind to the waste, favors us to eliminate the last ones.

Its consumption could prevent the accumulation of gases in the intestine. This is due to the fact that activated charcoal breaks down the foods that tend to cause flatulence.

3. Prevents and combats the hangover

Active carbon does not absorb alcohol in blood. However, it is an effective remedy to eliminate the toxins that alcohol intake brings with it.

Thus, when we ingest activated carbon, we are favoring the metabolism of the toxic compounds present in alcoholic beverages. This helps greatly accelerate their expulsion from the body.

activated carbon

4. Improves the appearance of the skin

Combined with aloe, egg or essential oils, this compound is effective in improving the appearance of the skin.

Its ability to absorb toxins and dirt facilitates the cleaning of pores. Therefore, it helps eliminate blackheads, as well as other impurities.

As if that were not enough, its slight lightening potential helps to reduce the presence of spots and scars.

5. Prevents premature aging

The premature aging of cells has lately become a cause for concern. The number of people suffering from diseases associated with this phenomenon is increasing.

While aging is a natural process of life, it is not normal for it to begin to occur when you are young.

Among its causes are environmental toxicity, inadequate food and damage caused by solar radiation.

The use of activated carbon is also very helpful in treating premature aging. Assists the body in the processes of elimination of toxins and other substances harmful to health.

6. Control cholesterol levels

The activated carbon compounds help eliminate the so-called bad cholesterol. These adhere to the lipids and prevent them from depositing on the arterial walls. This is what is commonly known as “plates.”

Moreover, activated carbon helps even to increase the elasticity of the arteries. It contributes to decrease, as well, its hardening and therefore facilitates blood flow.

Thanks to this, it indirectly favors the regulation of blood pressure. This undoubtedly leads to a reduction in the risk of suffering from chronic cardiovascular diseases.

7. Combat viruses and bacteria

Thanks to its antimicrobial properties, activated carbon strengthens our immune system. It increases, then, our ability to respond to the presence of viruses and bacteria, causing multiple diseases. It reduces, therefore, the risk we run of getting infections and suffering from their annoying symptoms.

8. Relieves stings

Activated charcoal is an anti-inflammatory, detoxifying and natural soothing agent.

Precisely for this reason, it could be a wonderful solution against bites or stings. Active carbon not only extracts the injected poison, but also relieves pain. And, it contributes, in passing, to diminish the allergic reactions of the skin.

It should be borne in mind that it can be applied internally as well as topically or externally.

Finally, remember that you can buy it in capsules or supplements.

In summary, these are some of the applications of activated carbon in the treatment of some common ailments. If necessary, check them out for yourself.

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